The Art Of Love

In my first post – I’d  like to query Love.

What is love? Love the art. Love the ability. Love.

Let’s ask, “What Does Love Require”?

I’ve learned that love does, actually, require the willingness to forgive and the serenity to forget. That Love does exist. There are people in this world with such juvenile approaches to love. My most disliked entity of love – Envy
I have experienced the envy of an erstwhile partner, especially their scorn. My relationship, not being on the best of terms has been nearly, cleanly demolished by this one quondam lover. Now, if Love was in place – would it suffice to say Love could overcome this boundary? No. Not unless the basis or boundaries of your Love were with trust and honesty. Yes. It does sound cliché and unevolved, but, Love is a cliché. Love requires the clichés. Love is built upon a mountain & that mountains name is Mt. Cliché. The aforesaid quondam lover had approached the woman of my incumbent relationship & had moved to tell her about how I am too generic & how she should, with justification even, “Kick Me To The Kirb”. Is that Love? Is that envy? The pretence of the question – Being the quondam(as we have now labelled) telling me, moments before, via txt, the sustain of her love for me. Is that envious love? Or stupidity?

Is Love the feeling you get in your stomach when you see, hear, smell, touch or talk to that person.
Is Love the infatuation you get with that person? – The night you stay up thinking about them. The one you tell your friends about when she doesn’t even talk to you.
Is Love the ability to overcome any discriminative boundary?
Is Love the newfound unattraction to any other? or
Is Love the bio-chemical reaction where pheromone chemicals acting outside the body of the secreting individual to impact the behavior of the receiving individual by binding to the testosterone? Or  œstrogen?

How can we define Love?
Is it the difference between a tolerable partner & an intolerable one?
Is it the ability to stay celebit until that significant other is ready?

Or is it again the Cliche`.
Smiling when you see them smile.
Wanting them to be happy, over all else.
Giving them whatever they want. Ensuring they do well in endeavours they may have.
Thinking about them 24/7.
Imagining the stars as their eyes.
Settling down to a fruit cake whenever they’re near.
Tolerating her, somewhat, horrible friends just for her, to have her.
Love could be the hatrid you so harbor towards someone.
That extra attention you pay to someone after they’ve annoyed you.
That off-putting smell that you dislike, yet without knowing it, actually tells everyone else you adore them.

Is there Love at first Sight? Or Is Love progressional?

I believe Love is Love.

Two people, who make each other happy.
Who want to be with each other.
Who overlook certain flaws in one and other & who quite happily aid the other defects into recovery.
It progresses from a seed & the problems you’re faced with – The anguish, the distain everything helps it grow & makes it Love.

Love for me is the heartache when she says she’s leaving.
It’s the tear that runs down her cheek when you’ve done something wrong.
Love is that worry you get when she has gone to that party alone and you don’t know if she’ll be alright.
Love is dealing with problems that may arise & acknowledging when you have been erroneous.
Love can be the worry, the jealousy when she goes out and unattended – the paranoia. Is that Love? Or is that mistrust? Is that veracious? Is that fallacious?

Who am I to make the definition of Love. Who are we to attemp the definition of Love.

The art of Love to me.

Is dreaming of holding her in my arms.
Is Missing her while she’s talking to me.
It is the differenciation between Beauty and attraction.
The art of love is dealing, coping with anything that is thrown at your relationship.

Can you tell it is Love? You can’t, well, I can’t.
For me, Love isn’t this chemical reaction.
Love is Love. Love changes but true Love never ceases.

Love is Love.

An Art? – Yes.
A Cliche`? – Yes.
Pain? – Yes.
Beauty? – Yes.

Love is…

Love .x

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